Christine A. – Before & After

At Regal Upholstery & Drapery, we love to show off the work that we do. Christine A. brought in a set of chairs and ottomans that she wanted to have reupholstered. She brought in the chairs, we went to work and she received this beautiful set pictured on the right. When asked how she like...
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Why reupholstery is important

In with the new, out with the used. PERHAPS not! Make a life style update with upholstery Vegas. Do no throw away old stuff which are useful. Do not be a random gatherer either. However there was sense to keep the old and simply changing this to allow it to be more of the generation....
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Las Vegas Valances

To form a home better, Las Vegas valances would be the method to really go. Valances are curtains using a stop of course. These don't only make a property seem more classy than it ought to be, valances make a house comfy. A valance can simply take any type and could really be set in...
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