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upholstery las vegasBuying new furniture is always a big step.  An even bigger step is determining whether to throw out your old furniture or keep the worn and torn piece that has been a part of your collection for years.  Like anything, what is new eventually becomes aged and worn, and furniture is without exception. One worthwhile solution is choosing to reupholster. While there are many reasons to reupholster, choosing to do so offers an opportunity to breathe new life into your comfortable and familiar furniture or to once again cherish your antiques so you don’t have to ever let go. Reupholstering your furniture provides many benefits. It gives you the opportunity to customize your furniture any way you like, provides an environmentally friendly alternative to updating your décor, and gives you a chance to hold on to cherished memories.

reupholstery las vegasRegal Upholstery & Drapery Company is family owned and operated and is the oldest, largest, and most reliable upholstery and drapery company in Las Vegas. Our quality craftsmanship and workmanship is first-rate because we are committed to the highest standard of quality and control. This level of detail, our high level of service, and our superior artisianship have established and strengthened our industry leading status in upholstery since 1974.

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We recognize that every client has unique reasons for reupholstering their furniture. If your piece of furniture needs to be completely reupholstered then we are sure to take special care of the original materials and techniques used in upholstering your furniture and ensure we upholster in the same manner. From the moment you select a fabric, our entire family is involved in stripping, re-padding, custom cutting and re-upholstering your furniture. We specialize in all areas of upholstery. No job is too difficult!

“If your furniture is unbecoming to you, it should be coming to REGAL “

We guarantee top quality materials and stuffing for all your reupholstering needs. We work closely with some of the big names in fabric design providing you with a wide selection of fabrics to choose from and an assortment of patterns, styles, colors, and materials to make the reupholstering process easy. It is our promise to you that your furniture will be returned to you in better than new condition.